The C3 (chair cubed) is a sculptural piece derived from one of the most elemental of objects - the cube.
Through a simple manipulation of form, this pure object becomes a seating system with almost endless flexibility.  Completely scalable and available in a myriad of material options, the C3 is extremely versatile; at home in a sophisticated loft apartment or happy among children in a playful classroom. 
The C3 is nestable and stackable, well suited for a task where space is limited.
In addition, the C3 is ambidextrous as a result of its symmetrical design:  By simply flipping the C3 over, a right- handed work surface becomes a left-handed one.

Suggested material options: Walnut veneered bent plywood, Wenge veneered bent plywood, Bent Bamboo plywood, Heat molded eco resin, High-density flexible polyurethane foam, Thermoplastic